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Monday, June 11, 2012

Electroalek LPT

   Electroalek LPT is a program which can control the parallel port. It has many features like Standard control, Advanced control, Internet Control, Time Control R/C car control, and more.
Electroalek LPT is free software that is very easy to use and interact with.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Joule Thief

Joule Thief is a circuit that can step up the voltage of an battery and power a white LED. You can step up the components to make higher voltage. The circuit is fairly simple it contains one NPN transistor ,1K resistor, and a ferrite coil(1 LED, almost forget).
Here is the schematic:

Simple Joule Thief circuit

The simplest Amp.

I made a simple circuit with one NPN transistor. This amp can amplify a signal from a MP3 player or signal generator. The output quality is very bad, but still it is nice for experimenting. Here is the schematic:

The simplest Amp.

An easy way to reverse a motor.

An easy way to reverse a motor.
   We all now that if you reverse the wires of the motor it will change the direction. But it isn't very nice to change the wires in a project box or similar. So i found an easy way to reverse a motor with DPDT switch or DPDT Relay. Here are the schematics:

The schematic with DPDT Switch

The schematic with DPDT Relay

Sunday, August 28, 2011



THE LPT VU is a very simple 8 LED VU meter that is controlled directly through the parallel port(LPT) of the computer. It is also useful for displaying all sorts of patterns using a good software.  I made one program called ElectroalekLPT for controlling the parallel port in many different ways, you can download it here ElectroalekLPT

Switching Box


 The Switching Box is a small and simple power supply that has 5V line, 12V line and a 5V test line. The voltages are clean and steady. For every channel (voltage line) there is a switch, and there is also a main power switch, also there is a fuse for safety. The test 5V line is in series with a 5V bulb, so if your project is in short you won't blow it up instead the bulb will light up.